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Use Ghroupdrive to transport your group on tours, trips, excursions, church activities and much more. With a tap of a button, the Ghroupdrive app will provide vehicles suitable for any number of people to your events and occasions. Request 4x4s, minibusses, buses or even Trotros at your convenience with or without AC. Let’s help you move your people without breaking the bank.

Why Ghroupdrive?

Multiple Offers in Minutes

In just a few minutes, you'll receive multiple offers from several available partners. Depending on the number of people in your group, you'll receive offers for SUVs, mini-buses, coaches, etc. without needing to make a single call 

Lowest Prices

People wonder why our prices are so much lower than what they'd find on the market. That's because we make the effort to find the best deals and partnerships that work behind the scenes to save you money

Trusted Partners/Drivers

All our partners and drivers are vetted and trusted. Most of the top transport brands you know already are on Ghrouprive and you'll see their names before booking. We select only the best to guarantee you a pleasurable and safe experience




GHS 549 / USD 95

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